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tv   Headline News  RT  August 4, 2014 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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our viewers. sad is very tempting. breaking news on our t.v. more than four hundred thirty ukrainian soldiers crossed into russia and asked for shelter this follows caves claims the army was about to win the war against anti-government forces in east ukraine. have accused israel of violating the partial ceasefire saying a child has been killed and some thirty others wounded in an attack on a refugee camp in gaza this amid widespread condemnation of israel's bombing of a un school that killed ten people on sunday. a money making scheme or a bad door immigration policy critics question and us quota system that ensures tanzer thousands of people remain behind bars sometimes for petty crimes.
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which are due to national coming to you live from moscow i'm marina joshie welcome to the program and we start with breaking news from russia's border with ukraine that's where more than four hundred and thirty ukrainian soldiers have deserted their posts and sought refuge in russia well here's our correspondent maria costa with more details hundreds of the soldiers and five decided to lay down their arms and the country and the last time we saw something like this happen since these was and july and at that point we had forty troops seeking shelter and then this past sunday the border and this is that what they had to say about why they left. q let's not feel it. was
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a let's put it that if. you. look up look up. the production of the last year to me i'm. not sure what point you're all its nature. of the rock your obsession part in sleeping with. the crane in officers i have said that they don't want to be seen as traitors but they don't feel comfortable with the situation and they don't feel comfortable with risking their lives of their subordinates which is why they chose to flee the country and even though they themselves don't see themselves as traitors kiev authorities appeared to do so because the forty that cross the border in july they're now being accused of abandoning their military duties well kate has confirmed some of its troops are now in russia and ukraine officials say they ran out of ammunition and had no other choice but to take over at cross the border there has been a regular reports that the ukrainian army is demoralized and some complain about
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having to fire on their own people others pointed out appalling conditions and poor equipment are bullshit your way. is the. business news. consumer the story that we. post says there. are but the other. now there was also our age and a lack of food saying they survived on supplies sent from home. but it is why a lot of the fighters here are very angry at the president but the muslims we have to go to the bread from these say. they only have a small part in the middle but there are a lot of people here. for you. can protest against the ongoing mobilization efforts have sparked across the entire country the mothers and wives of those who
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are going to be sent to the war zone or where already there held rallies and blocked traffic and this even in the us western regions were the populations been mostly supportive of the crackdown in the east. and southwest ukraine and local government official got an unexpected response from a crowd when he tried to recruit man to fight in the east of the country residence suggested the officials should go to the front line himself locals claim he tried to threaten and blackmail them. and is apparently become increasingly difficult for the ukrainian government to support the impoverished army cave's been hesitant to impose a state of martial law in the country however a special military tax is already in place and salaries cut to support the army sales of the so-called separatist serious mineral water were launched in the west
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with proceeds going to the military fund raising campaigns were also launched online but it seems little of the money is reaching the soldiers and their families say they've paid the salaries but we didn't get any money my husband didn't get it and they keep promising it will happen to morrow my two year old daughter woke up this morning and said that she's hungry what i'm supposed to tell her. for more perspective on the latest developments i'm now joined by to bob a political analyst from the voice of russia radio station ritter thinks so much for joining us today now keeps admitting its forces are on russian soil so what sort of expection reaction do you expect to follow. well i think that this is unprecedented four hundred thirty eight soldiers crossing the border with russia it's clear that these ukrainian soldiers were encircled by the insurgents and they
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were fearing for their lives this is the reason why they chose to go to russia and i think that these situations just destroys a lot of myths which the western media has been spreading you freshie is an aggressor if it's hated in ukraine then why did these people decide to go to russia why do we have a refugees from eastern ukraine coming north to central ukraine but to come in mostly to russia they have about five hundred thousand people who live there are some of them are not registered for a few jews in russia some of them just live with their relatives or friends but somehow people are fleeing ukraine and they're going to russia not to the rest of ukraine or to paul and it's clear that these soldiers if they return to ukraine some of them will be accused of treason but it's quite clear that these soldiers had no choice first they were encircled sole their commanders have abandoned them secondly it's clear that they don't get the support of the local population police
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and they say they have had nothing to eat that means that the war costs after all the destructions that the ukrainian army has inflicted on them the war goes are not prepared to feed the fleeing soldiers so these ukrainian soldiers had no other way but to go to russia was literally falling away you just said it seems the initial comments from the ukrainian military suggest. they weren't against the move that clearly saved the soldiers' lives what sort of developments do you think would follow. well there are all kinds of people in the ukrainian government i would remind you of that at least four of them are members all the party which until the year two thousand and four was called the national socialist by two of ukraine so you understand what kind of convictions these people have and it's clear that a lot of people on the lawyer levels or the ukrainian government have the same
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convictions so some members of the ukrainian leadership may be you know they will feel some compassion for these soldiers but there are a lot of diehard nationalists who would treat these soul just a straight just when they come back. it's clear that people are recruited don't. you know against their will into the ukrainian army in the war cannot be poor people because it's about people from the same cultural background speaking very similar language just basically killing the each other it's a war which was created by the media the media which has raised christianity in the west of ukraine towards the east of ukraine. i mean i think is so much for your views political analysts from the voice of russia radio station. in the meantime kids defense minister says he's sure his troops are only
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a few steps away from the exterior over anti-government forces in eastern ukraine people in the region second largest city lugansk are suffering severe water and food shortages as well as power cuts and there have been long queues outside of shops and a distribution centers in the besieged city one of them was shelled by caves army according to witnesses. there was a crowd of thirty to forty people standing outside but then came a loud whistling noise in a flash the explosion was just across the road about fifteen meters away we opened the shop door so everyone could hide there were splinters all over the place the shop windows and front is damaged as you can see in the. meanwhile in the same area another artillery round struck a kindergarten. many of the residents say they are too scared to leave their homes let alone sound their
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children in the gardens luckily no one was inside this building when it was hit by rockets reports of civilians being killed are coming in almost every day with more urban areas targeted the un says the number of innocent lives lost in the crackdown has surpassed eleven hundred. you know while in salvia green a group of far right testers have clashed with police at a nightclub in the city of odessa masked men armed with baseball bats tried to disrupt the concert of the cranium pop star they blamed her for continuing to perform in russia in may dozens of people most of them anti-government protesters were killed in a desk during a bloody standoff with broken if. we're keeping across all updates coming out of ukraine twenty four seven on the air and online at r.t. dot com. seven hour
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humanitarian cease fire is in place in parts of gaza but palestinians have already accused israel of not sticking to its word they say an eight hour old girl was killed and around thirty people wounded in an attack on a refugee camp meanwhile israel has warned that if the truce is breached it will return fire the i.d.f. says the ceasefire does not apply to the town of rafah in southern gaza that's where three israeli soldiers died in an ambush on friday. that israeli airstrike killed a hamas militant leader in his home in gaza on monday the previous day saw ten people killed after a school run by the united nations was shelled what this is say that manny were queuing for food at the gates at the time of the strike. ok. israel says the incident may be linked to a new town by the army to kill the marshaling gunman as they drove by the un
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shelter the world body repeatedly informed israel's defense force for exactly what facilities are located but just last week twenty people were killed in another bombing of a un school in gaza also at least ten palestinians have reportedly been killed overnight during a rates. q do. you. worry that. the bombing of a gaza shelter sparked international outcry un chief ban ki-moon described as a criminal act and a gross violation of international humanitarian law he says the madness of war that's wreaking havoc in gaza must stop even israel's main backer the united states says it's appalled by what it calls the disgraceful shelling still israel continues
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to insist the schools are used to store weapons the israeli army is working hard justifying its mission on sunday it released a video of what it says was a percentage in stride going to hamas rocket launcher hidden inside one of gaza's residential areas and there are also images of i.d.f. soldiers removing motorbikes from what it said was a hamas tunnel my colleague in fact i talked to here a spokesman with ten uncurled peter lerner and he says the military is only responding to persistent rocket attacks from militants. it sort of continues to be threatened by indiscriminate rockets that are launched by hamas to israel even as we speak even during the continued days as we've seen in the last three and a half weeks and they have continued to attempt to attack us through tunnels and indeed we had the incident on friday when two two soldiers and then a third were killed in an attack coming out from a tunnel and this is a repeating occurrence hamas which has hundreds and hundreds of militants are
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utilizing exploiting the civilian arena so it's a huge challenge it's something we are facing but indeed we are determined. that any additional isn't your response a bit disproportionate prime minister netanyahu says hamas rulers would pay an intolerable prize if they continue to fire rockets at israel and that options are on the table then we have this huge civilian death toll among palestinians so what options do you think prime minister was talking about when he said that every single time hamas has had the opportunity to deescalate the situation with a cease fire every time they've escalated it there would have been no more people killed if hamas would have abided by the internationally brokered cease fire on friday but what did they do they chose to escalate they chose to increase aggression they chose to exasperate the situation and this is an unfortunate outcome but we cannot and we will not. be willing to live under this type of threats. meanwhile turkey's prime minister tayyip erdogan accuse the country of
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deliberately killing palestinian mothers and children the well known critic of israel said this during a campaign speech i had of that presidential vote next sunday i don't want claim the country is aiming at creating a pure race just like hitler once tried there was also plenty of anti israeli sentiment in jordan and crowds gathered outside the u.s. embassy in amman burning american and israeli flags and accusing washington of supporting israel's army operation. also pakistan hundreds of people protested against the continuing shelling of gaza some protesters called for jihad against israel. and palestinians living in the west bank express their solidarity with gaza harry fear sent us this report from the area. billboards and banners across the city read here now we got. this though is remote now palestine's and minister to of capital since israel's campaign began nearly
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a month ago the outrage at the devastation gazans one point eight million inhabitants has boiled over into solidarity demonstrations an angry clash several months of one killed some shot in the chest with life fired by israeli troops people here are in mourning their lives on hold we are living that were normal life anymore since the start of the work it's very hard and. we do not consider ourselves like a distant part of palestine living the war we watch the news. we send our prayers we send our thoughts and our deep our hearts is with. west bank palestinians see gaza as horror on their t.v.'s and in newspapers filled with harrowing images of death ruins of those stuck inside gaza what they consider a defacto ghetto just tens of kilometers away they only they are fighting comers
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they i'm not afraid to come as they are fighting their humanity i'm crying in front of the screams of the t.v.'s all all the members of my family and my. all. here i don't never forget. to do anything to help because many palestinians here have relatives in gaza who've been injured or killed in these past weeks. lost fifteen relatives in the highly dangerous border neighborhood of abba son in harness in southern gaza leaving you come to the is the description and the clearly we have a boat stupid people. kill it under the rug always be in show it there in the street buddy tugs in the schools this man lists crofts.
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not a single house has been escaped the surely. so the sculptures taught that in recent weeks not only has hamas strengthened but also the islamic jihad movement flexing against israel from within gaza despite the obvious geographical and sylvia administrative separation between the west bank and gaza it's clear that all palestinians here have gaza are on their minds with prevailing anger at israel's actions frustration with their own powerlessness and dismay at the world's reaction sorry fia azzi ramallah. well there's plenty more details on the israeli gaza conflict on our website to r.t. to be sure to check it out. and make you strong words against israel when a bombs gaza but the assistant it gives to tel aviv is very much hands on at bats what new documents have revealed more on that after the break on line.
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crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. there's a leader so we leave that maybe. the sea pushes secure. your party there's
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a good. news that no one is that good with the gas that you deserve answers from it's all politics. are. welcome back you're watching our teacher national new documents published on monday have exposed the close links between america's national security agency and israel and they say the n.s.a. has been providing tel aviv with intelligence as well as cash to combat palestinian terrorism boyko has the details. when greenwald says that every time another attack on gaza takes place just like that shelling of the un school shelter the u.s. and public figures in the us talk about how devastating the conflict is as though it's some sort of natural disaster but in fact according to glenn greenwald the
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u.s. directly enables israel's actions so he cites for example documents that say that over the past decade the n.s.a. has expanded the number of ways in which it works with the israeli intelligence agencies he also talks about large payments large sums of money that have been paid from the u.s. government over to israeli operatives now all this is on top of publicly available information that the u.s. government is continuing to supply israel with weapons such as i munition and grenade launchers amidst this very violent offensive now both the n.s.a. and g c h q have said that they won't comment on their existing relationships but everything may be within the framework of the law now glenn greenwald says that legal or not these new documents highlight the role the u.s. role in israeli what he calls israeli aggression towards its neighbors he says that
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the help of the u.s. and its key allies is very curved and it is squarely at all with the image that the u.s. has cultivated of being a helpless by stand in this conflict of being completely detached in this conflict . now we find a cure if a ball came to london says britain stop dr you can head to our bomb to find out how he lambasted pharmaceutical companies for the response to the deadly virus outbreak also online almost half a million residents of the u.s. state of ohio have been warned not to use tap water learn what's behind the mass alert on our website. in the past five years a record number of illegal immigrants have been locked up in the u.s. officials are driven by a federal mandate that obliges them to keep thirty four thousand behind bars every
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day critics of the system say it's nothing more than a money making scheme while others claim it's a back door way to curb immigration explains. the country that once opened its doors to immigrants. is becoming better known as the land that jails that the congress for the past several years has set a mandatory requirement on the federal government to maintaining thirty four thousand detention beds for immigration detention purposes nazarene with stock him served three hundred and thirteen days in an immigrant detention facility unable to post bail or receive a bond hearing. and see who was in how it affected the guys in there a lot of the guy just had expired visa or something they are not criminals not immigrated to the country legally at thirteen and his wife is a u.s.
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citizen he was arrested at his home in two thousand and eleven in connection with a four year old guilty plea for drug possession we never had any encounters with immigration. before he and i was a green card was renewed every ten years and now i think the us is immigrant and customs enforcement agency has a budget of nearly two billion dollars a budget put it by american taxpayers in two thousand and twelve the agency did genially one hundred seventy eight thousand immigrants many of whom are housed in private corporate or detention centers up contracted by the u.s. government to make me sick because just bad quality to. me. tell me the poor high amount of money five hundred or nine hundred sixty eight hundred sixty dollars a night and locking up immigrants is hardly the only option available to the us
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government congress already has many members who are pushing this agenda don't trust the president to enforce immigration laws and they think that. by requiring these people to be detained that it's going to urge the president actually effectuate their eventual removal from the country there are other methods such as alternatives to detention use of intensive supervision custody checks on the person telephonic monitoring but the cost effective options would necessarily benefit the corporations behind america's detention and deportation machine you realized early on when you start reading if you article that oh there's something called the you know group and the cia and they make billions of dollars off of this and then you start seeing how a line out paralleled with like the lack of medical adequate medical care in the food quality and why they don't even allow contact with it and it's cheaper for
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them to allow you to visit only through glass and use those kind of big start making. a reality in which that puts a price tag on the lives of tens of thousands of immigrants marina poor niamh r.t. new york. reminder of the news dominating the headlines this hour here on our t.v. or national more than four hundred thirty ukrainian soldiers have crossed into russia and asked for refuge and that's according to the federal security service it's not the first such case where the kremlin servicemen on sunday a group of twelve soldiers surrendered their positions and sought refuge in russia they claim they were abandoned by their commanders but the biggest incident before today was when four dozen troops did the same in july we'll be bringing you more on this developing story next hour. and up next. it's cross stop with peter lavelle and former u.k. viewers so be sure we're not talks to the founder of the tory security firm
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blackwater. a few weeks ago we discussed detroit's plans to shut off water to those who can't pay their bills logically what a basic human a system he could get taken away some protesters gathered to give their opinion on the issue at our plaza and what is the response from the state maybe some sort of dialogue or explanation as to why they have to turn off the water you know they turned up on the high tech quote non lethal weaponry against the protesters they used an el red system which basically blasted the protesters with sound which sounds unintended humane until you look into it and read that the weapon can cause permanent hearing loss the company even admits this is true at less than fifteen meters we see all across the country so-called non-lethal weapons being used to very harmful and even to well we thought ns but why does this happen because they
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make breaking up protest easy unsafe for the cops remember in the old days when you had to physically break up protests or things like el read allow any coward to just flip a switch to disperse a crowd with not a drop of blood visible and the fact that it seems not harmful as the police to be justified in using it whatever they want for the sake of the constitution i think no police forces should be able to use this technology but that's just my opinion. in justifying their stance they're citing all sorts of what they see as international precedents in cost of the upcoming referendum in scotland but the response that they're hearing from the white is that what you're saying is illegitimate but what we've been doing is just a live life emerge if you break into the story. america does is right
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rules are made for other people for centuries like russia or countries like this straight. back where the america does is right because america doesn't. hello and welcome to all things considered i'm peter lavelle the return. of the neo cons as the middle east descends into a regional civil war and ukraine becomes a failed state washington's foreign policy neoconservatives are on the march the world is their playground.


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